Tank Aces Campaign

Tank Aces Campaign

Postby Fawlkes » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:50 pm

To save space on facebook, I'll mainly be using here for updates an key information.

To summarise what's going to be happening, read the following information. Not that these rules can be found in the back of the Blood, Guts and Glory book, but for ease and enjoyment some rules have been changed:

Accepted forces

Any tank company from Late War, including the Tank Destroyer Company from Blood, Guts and Glory (Even though it is classed as a mechanised company). I will have a hard copy of all lists and data being used in the campaign, so there's no fear of them being forgotten.

  • Turn One: (2nd-9th April) 500pts. Choices must come from HQ, Combat or Weapons platoons. [You may be up to 20pts over, however you will suffer a penalty of -1XP per game as forfeit]

  • Turn Two: (TBC) 700pts. You may now include support options except air support. You may change the type of tank your Ace is commanding between turns.

  • Turn Three: (TBS) 900pts. As above, but including air support.

There are no 'mandatory' platoons, and treat all black shaded boxes as grey. You must nominate one platoon or company commander to be your ace, and he must remain part of this platoon for the entire campaign (Though he may change the type of tank he commands, as explained above)

Experience and Skills

On the Tank Ace sheet there is an XP Tracker which s ticked off every time one of the following happens:

  • Playing a game - 1XP
  • Have more tanks left than your opponent- 2XP (Do not count bailed, bogged or destroyed)
  • Ace survives the game- 1XP
  • More tanks destroyed during the game- 2XP (By your entire force)
  • 20pt allowance for overspend- -1XP
  • Every 5 kills by your Ace- 3XP (Carries over in each game)

There are three skill trees which Aces may pick skills from. Your Ace unlocks a skill after 6XP. You may only follow one path of the nine possible.

  • Command Abilities
  • Support Abilities
  • Specialist Abilities

Playing a game

Games will try to be balanced Axis v Allies. With 10 players this should not be an issue. You must play at least one game per turn to qualify for a medal pin, and by the same account you need not be limited to one game per turn. Naturally if a player has not played, they will get priority for a table and guidance.

The Mission:

The Scrapyard Mission has one simple goal: Destroy all opposing enemy tanks.
Each game last for six turns
The player who has scored the most XP for the game wins (Not including the 3XP for five kills, as this is cumulative between games).
In the event of a draw the player with the highest amount of kills by their Ace wins.
If the game is still a draw then the game ends a draw and neither the Axis nor the Allies score the campaign point.
In Campaign Turns 1 & 2, there are no Company Morale checks, only platoon Morale checks.

Tactical Edges:

Tactical Edge tokens work like objectives. However, once a player captures it, they receive the token to spend at any point during the game. Tokens not spent during the game are lost.
Each token clearly explains it's effect.
Three random Tactical Edge tokens will be assigned for each game.

Set up:

1-2: Corners
3-4: Halves (With a 16'' 'No Man's Land between deployment zones)
5-6: Checkerboard. One player may set up their force in opposite corners, while their opponent sets up in the other corners.

Ending the campaign

Each victory adds a point to the nine locations on the map. (Three locations each turn)
The overall victory points are tallied and the margins of victory are as follows:

0-9: No victory. It might look like one on paper, but the loss of forces was not enough to swing the balance either way
10-13: Tactical victory. A hard slog which has produced a minor victor
14-17- Major victory. The winning force has successfully pushed their opponents back and scored a vital blow in the overall conflict
18+ Strategic victory. The winning force has swept all before them, there are barely any remnants left to stand in their way.

Small incentives

All players will receive a nifty brass 'Tank Aces' pin for competing.
The Ace with the highest kill count will get a little prize (TBD)
The player with the lowest XP (Minimum of 3 games played), will also get a little prize (TBD)

Any question you have, I'm willing to answer all here, on Facebook or by email.
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Re: Tank Aces Campaign

Postby Fawlkes » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:49 pm

To help with planning which skill path to take with your Tank Ace, I thought I'd post up the nine options here.

Command Abilities

Birth of a Legend

Your Ace may re-roll any failed attempts to remount his own or any other bailed out tank within 8"
If your Ace moves directly towards an enemy tank team, his front armour is increased by 1.
If your Ace destroys an enemy tank team, all of your tanks within 8" may re-roll one failed 'to-hit' roll.
Your ace may re-roll failed armour saves

Speed Demon

Your Ace's normal movement is increased by 4"
Your Ace may move an additional 4" instead of shooting by passing a skill test
Your Ace may attempt to get your tanks to move an additional 4" during the movement step on a 4+, but on a fail the tank is bogged down
Your Ace may move twice his normal speed, but does not count as moving 'At the double'. Though he may not shoot or move 'At the double'

Night Owl

You may hold your Ace and one other tank team in immediate ambush
You may make the game happen at Dawn. You Ace can always see 24" in darkness
Tank teams from your Combat Platoons may move their normal speed at night or in foggy conditions, and may also move 'At the double' during these conditions
Your HQ, Combat and Weapons platoons may roll two dice and pick the highest when determining how far they can see in darkness

Support Abilities


Once per game, you may ambush with two Bazooka (Or equivalent) teams
Once per game, you may ambush with two Medium anti-tank guns
Once per game, you may ambush with two Heavy anti-tank guns
You may use your abilities twice per game, rather than just once

Engineer Company

All of the tanks from your HQ and Combat platoons count as Recovery Vehicles and Mine Flails
Your tanks are all equipped with Assault Bridges
Your tanks pass all tests required to free themselves from being Bogged Down and to cross minefields
You may place two minefields or two anti-tank obstacles in No-Man's-Land or your own deployment area during setup

Winds of Fate

Once per turn, during your starting step, you may discard a Tactical Edge token to randomly select another one
Once per game, during your starting step, you may exchange one of your Tactical Edge tokens for one of your opponent's, at random
After deployment, but before first turn, you may move the Tactical Edge token closest to your Ace 4" directly towards him
Your Ace begins the game with any one tactical edge token already awarded

Specialist Abilities


Your Ace may re-roll one failed 'To-hit' roll during each shooting step
Your Ace may move and fire at full Rate-of-Fire
If your Ace has not moved in the movement step, he receives +1 to his Rate-of-Fire
Your Tank Ace's Rate-of-Fire is +1

Problem Solver

The range of your Ace's main gun is +4"
Your Ace may ignore concealment when shooting at an enemy team
If your Ace has not moved in the movement step, he may re-roll all failed 'To-hit' rolls in the shooting step
The range of your Ace's main gun is +4" and may reroll all failed Firepower tests

Custom Ammo

Your Ace's tank now has the 'Wide Tracks' rule
As long as your Ace has not moved more than 6", he always counts as concealed, even if he is in the open
The Front and Side armour ratings of your Ace's tank are increased by +1
The Anti-tank rating of your Ace's main gun is increased by +2
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Re: Tank Aces Campaign

Postby pitstarter » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:30 pm

Posting my apologies for 16th April - got a birthday night of a certain chap to go to.

Happy hunting, tankers! The Hoffel will return next week!
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